Bob Jeans for Snoqualmie City Council

Bob Jeans

You, the people of Snoqualmie, are my neighbors, and I want to continue to serve you on our City Council. I will impartially consider all new legislative matters, including the budget, which comes before our Council. I will continue to commit an extraordinary amount of focused time and energy to participate in the city that serves you. More than anything, I will listen to you, the mayor, fellow council members, staff, business owners, and others before making decisions. For the greater good of Snoqualmie, I will work with federal, state, and county officials as appropriate, as well as our other close neighbors from North Bend, the Snoqualmie Tribe, School District, Northwest Railway Museum, and more. My passion is this city where my wife and I, our children and grandchildren and you have chosen to live, work, play and worship. We can make the present and future better together.

Bachelor (History) With Honors, Linfield College, Oregon Hastings College of Law (University of California), California

Settlement Consultant, JMW Settlements, headquartered in Washington DC

Public Service Highlights:

  • My job is legislative, including managing the budget
  • Community Center through a creative partnership with the YMCA
  • City Hall bringing city departments together
  • Business park modifications - bringing needed services to the community
  • Mill Site – annex into the City

Future Challenges: What do you want?

  • Expansion of the Community Center to include a potential swimming pool
  • Mill Site Development to include a wine tasting center
  • Broaden tax base – less dependent on residential
  • Senior Housing
  • Affordable housing/workforce housing
  • Traffic Relief options at I90
  • Salish expansion to attract conventions


  • If you want me, you’ve got me. Call, write, and attend public meetings. (, 425-396-4344)
  • Some of what you don’t see is appropriate:
  • Studying reports and the law
  • Recommendations by staff and others
  • Listening to others
  • Attending a myriad of meetings to decide what is right for you and the City


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